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Michael Hennessy Live Performance Contract Form

Please fill. Your quote/contract will be returned to you via email. When you return it to the designated address with the required deposit your date will be reserved. Please write your wedding/party date on your check and return them together. Using this form will save time in securing your date.

SECTION FOR WEDDING CEREMONY ONLY: If it doesn't apply leave space blank.

Yes No DJ music for your ceremony? Beach & Garden Video of Ceremony Examples
Yes No Wireless lapel mic for JP. Everything will be heard during your ceremony.
Number of guests you are expecting.
Solo Duo Performance?
Inside Outside Under Tent
Yes No table provided
Free Lights None Disco Ball w/ Spots $200.00

Projector w/screen, laptop, extra speakers, or
battery operated beach system w/wireless mic
Yes No staging be provided?

Amount defaults and will adjust subject to review.
To protect your identity, credit, and value we do not accept credit cards.
Deposit required to retain date
Balance due: